Restoration work delayed on 250-year old bridge

The National Trust have been left with a huge repair bill after a car was deliberately driven into the 250-year-old bridge last March. Hundreds of fragments of stone fell into the River Poulter, near Worksop. The quarry which provided the original stone, closed in the 1960s and the trust have been scouring other sites for matches. Architects will assess the bridge to see if any of the stone, which has now been removed from the water, can be reused when the restorations should start in May. For all the latest updates in the building Industry call the best Builder in Wales, Wrightway Construction.

South West Wales to receive £1.3 billion investment

Exciting times are looming after a meeting at the University of Wales by the Swansea Bay City Deal's joint committee. They were discussing a potential investment of £1.3 billion in 11 projects based in South West Wales.

The meeting followed the UK Government, the Welsh Government and all four regional councils approving a legal document called the Joint Committee Agreement that outlines the future structure of Wales 24/7 working.

It is hoped that the projects will also create around 10,000 jobs in modern industries such as life sciences, smart manufacturing, creative industries and the renewable energy.

The investment will include new construction projects and general building works for Pembrokeshire's established community of builders.

Pint Sized History of Pembrokeshire

Wiston Castle near Pembrokeshire is a tiny, perfect example of a motte and bailey castle, untouched throughout the middle ages.

As one of the countries best preserved motte and bailey castles, it provides some insight to visitors about the lives of those who inhabited it.

The castle was occupied up until the 14th century, when a manor house was built on nearby land, somewhat overshadowing the castle. The motte became a quaint attraction on the manor estate as centuries progressed but to this day it remains a very small, important piece of Welsh ancient history.

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How much could an extension add to your property?

The Office for National statistics has produced a tool which shows how much money per square meter your home is worth.

Staggering statistics have come out of the study already, in Kensington and Chelsea a square meter costs a staggering £19,439. Whereas in the South Wales valleys the same space costs just £777.

Unsurprisingly, 19 of the 20 most expensive locations are London based.

The size of new build flats has become larger over the last 3 years, but new houses remain around the same size.

With more and more homeowners now extending instead of moving, this tool can let home owners know how much value extending will add to their property before going ahead.

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House Prices on the Up

Unlike the rest of the UK, house prices in Wales have continued to rise. Although this could be considered good news, if you are trying to get on the property ladder or thinking of moving there may not be the right sort of properties available to buy. Making the best of your current home is something many people decide to do and will engage a local builder to help them extend or renovate their current home.

With the cost of moving so high, agent’s fees and stamp duty etc. it often makes sense to spend that money instead on a loft conversion or kitchen extension. Choosing the right company to work with can be a bit of a minefield but if you are guided by personal recommendation and testimonials from satisfied customers then you should be able to find a local company that can supply the services you need, for your local Builder in Pembrokeshire call Wrightway Construction.

Ron and Jeanette Floyd, Saundersfoot

Russell Evans of Wrightway was straightforward and honest and made no unbelievable promises. His tender price was reasonable and acceptable to us. We could not have been happier with the way he approached the project, carried out the work in a professional manner and provided an excellent completed job.

Christine Neve, Castlemartin

From my first meeting with Russell Evans I thought him to be an honest and trustworthy man. Wrightway Construction made, what might have been a traumatic experience, into a very enjoyable project.